The right skimstone

Skimming or skipping stones is best done with a flat stone which lies comfortably in the hand. Not too big, not too small. Not too light and not too heavy. To compete in the EC SS your stone has a maximum diameter of 7,5cm.

Even better results are obtained with a flat slate. Slate is in fact lighter than an ordinary stone, so you can throw it a greater distance over water. And distance, that is what it’s all about in the first European Championship Stone Skimming.

Easdale slates

In the Netherlands, the slate is not up for grabs. To allow the participants in the European Championship Stone Skimming to benefit from the unique qualities of slate skimstones, the organisers have taken upon themsleves the though job of collecting true Easdale slates on the island of Easdale, during the World Championships Stone Skimming in september. They try to take as many slates as possible, so that every participant in The Netherlands can throw their tree official attempts with the True Thing. Additional stones are on sale, the benefit is for the good cause: Sailing Kids.

Easdale, the home of slate

Easdale was the center of the British slate industry during the last century. At its peak the island counted seven quarries. The slate was exported to cities like Melbourne, Nova Scotia, Dunedin and Dublin for roofing of houses. Since the closure of the last quarry on Easdale in 1950, the island nowadays especially offers space for flora and fauna. In addition, every year on the last Sunday of September the World Stone Skimming Championships take place on the island.