Registration fee

You can participate in the European Championship Stone Skimming on Saturday, october 24h for only € 5, -. You will receive three original “Easdale slates” that you can use for your official three throws for the competition.

Unique stoneskimming pouch with 20 training slates

Practice makes perfect, so of course you can also buy extra stones to ‘test’ throw. For € 10, – you can buy 20 original Easdale slates and a unique ‘Skimming Pouch’. The proceeds of this skimming Pouches’ go to the great work of Sailing Kids.

Bring your own stones or buy them

Did you throw your 10 practise stones? You can retrieve them if you like, or you can buy new ones and help Sailing Kids. By showing your Skimming Pouch you can buy extra stones buy for € 0.50 each. Offcourse you can also bring your own stones. They must be natural stones or stones produced from concrete, ceramic or glass.